Since 1986, Siekmann GmbH has been bringing light into shape. We are manufacturers of rotationally symmetrical reflectors for lamps – with the quality sign “Made in Germany” – which we sell to leading lamp producers throughout the world. Computer- calculated reflector shapes, high-quality material and special surfaces make Siekmann’s reflector lamps an engineering masterpiece which ensures targeted light intensity distribution and cost-effectiveness for lamps.

Together with luminous elements and electronics, reflectors are the pillar of progress in the development of lamps. Constant development of new compact fluorescent lamps, low-voltage and high-voltages bulbs, high-pressure metal discharge lamps etc. requires a constant development of high-quality optical surfaces for the reflectors to ensure restriction of dazzling, optimum light intensity distribution and lamp efficiency.

Compact lamps are well-known for their high efficiency and versatility as lighting systems and so a masterly constructed reflector is essential.

We have developed and realised high-quality optical surfaces in co-operation with renowned light designers, in particular for the individual project business. Together with the light laboratory Bartenbach we have set up a standard program for reflector lamps for high-voltage and low-voltage bulbs that meet the most demanding quality standards. The junior programs J6 and J9 already been included in numerous invitations to tender. Light engineering documentation is available on request.

Rotationally symmetrical reflectors are mainly produced according to specifications and calculations provided by our customers from the lighting industry. Since 1992, all process steps including surface refinement have been realised in a newly built production building.

Siekmann GmbH stands out for a high degree of flexibility, a high quality standard and adaptable logistical arrangements.

We see ourselves as an extension of the workbench of the lighting industry with our customers providing us with the technical prerequisites to produce their respective reflectors. The junior programs mentioned above are an exception to that rule and only used for the individual project business. We do not have an extensive range of standard products with technical documentation and accessory components in order to exclude any risk of becoming competitors of our customers.